BCPL Read Aloud Challenge

AGES: 3 to 12 years old

Looking for a way to incorporate more reading into your child’s day? Sign-up for the BCPL Read-Aloud Challenge! Inspired by the Read-Aloud Revival blog, the BCPL Read-Aloud Challenge encourages children to read aloud every day (or as often as possible) for at least 15 minutes. They can read aloud to anyone they want to, even their stuffed animals!

The BCPL Read-Aloud Challenge begins the first day of each month and runs all the way until the last day of the month. The goal of the Challenge is to read aloud for at least 25 days, for a total of 375 minutes. When readers complete one Challenge they are entered into that month’s prize drawing!

To sign-up for the BCPL Read-Aloud Challenge, visit Reader Zone online (https://readerzone.com/) or download the Reader Zone app on your mobile device. Once you have signed up for a Reader account you can join a reading group. Enter bcpl-ya as the reading program code you are looking for. From there you can select which month’s Challenge you wish to start:

September Challenge
September 1-30 | Prize drawn October 2

October Challenge
October 1-31 | Prize drawn November 1

November Challenge
November 1-30 | Prize drawn December 1

December Challenge
December 1-31 | Prize drawn January 2

January Challenge
January 1-31 | Prize drawn February 1

February Challenge
February 1-28 | Prize drawn March 1

Prize winners will be notified after each month’s drawing. Questions? Contact the Youth Services Department at (630) 766-4642.


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