The OverDrive App is Being Discontinued

OverDrive is discontinuing the legacy OverDrive app for iOS, Android, and Windows 8/10 on May 1, 2023, and transitioning users to the Libby app. We understand that OverDrive has been a familiar and reliable source for digital materials, and we appreciate your use of this service over the years.


However, we are excited to transition over to the Libby app, which is an innovative digital lending platform that offers an even better user experience. Libby was created by OverDrive, and it is designed to be more user-friendly and intuitive, with a modern and clean interface.


Libby will offer many of the same features as OverDrive, including a wide selection of eBooks and audiobooks, as well as access to digital magazines and newspapers. The transition from OverDrive to Libby will be seamless, with your current holds and loans transferring automatically to the new platform.


We are confident that Libby will provide you with a better and more enjoyable digital reading experience. We encourage you to download the Libby app on your mobile device or tablet, or visit our website to access Libby on your computer.


Thank you for your continued support of our library, and we look forward to seeing you on Libby soon.

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• Tags to categorize books however you’d like—you can even sync your OverDrive wish list into a tag!
• A central bookshelf for all loans and holds
• Customizable notifications for ready holds, new magazine issues, and more
• Compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sonos speakers
• Extra learning and entertainment resources, like Universal Class
• A way to discover and express interest in titles our library does not yet offer
• Easy access to Libby support staff

Yes! Your loans, holds, and wish list items will be waiting for you in Libby when you add your library card.

Libby Tutorial