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It has been said that remembrance is a form of meeting, and it is hoped that these remembrances of a village's beginnings and growth will allow us to meet individuals, events, and ways of living which created the town we live in. Bensenville was created by a group of people who used the resources of mind and land available. First building with their own hands houses, farms, schools, and churches, and then organizing a local government to serve the needs of a community. They invented, improvised, coped and endured. A shared knowledge of the community's past contributes to a sense of unity and belonging. We would remember our past for the strength and joy it brings to the present.

Martha Kirker Jones

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This Project is funded in part by a grant from The Bensenville Community Foundation, and is supported by 
The Bensenville Community Public Library and The Bensenville Historical Society. 
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