Meet the Board

The Bensenville Community Public Library’s Board of Trustees meets the fourth Monday of every month (except in May) at 7:00 p.m. in the Library’s Board Room. Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted at: Minutes from past meetings are posted at:

Linda Weiss, President |, Term through 2027

  • Linda Weiss is a retired library director, living in Bensenville for the last 33 years. She has four grown children, eleven grand children, and three great grandchildren, and they are all readers! Linda believes that the library is and should remain a vibrant part of the community and she considers it an honor and privilege to serve on the Library Board for another six year term.

Tina Lux, Vice President |, Term through 2025

  • Tina Lux is a Special Education teacher who holds a Masters of Educational Administration.  She has lived in Bensenville for 18 years. Tina is a voracious reader who uses the library’s facilities and resources weekly with her husband, and two children by checking out materials and attending programs and activities.  Tina appreciates and supports the mission of the library to provide access to all information to all patrons.

Mandi Zalewski, Secretary |, Term through 2025

  • Mandi Zalewski is a 17 year resident of Bensenville with her husband and 2 sons, and works in the transportation industry. She enjoys helping the library serve as an integral part of our community through programming and resources and is a big fan of the monthly trivia nights.

Susan Earley, Treasurer |, Term through 2025

  • Susan Earley, a Data Architect who has lived in Bensenville for 16 years with husband and two children, has prior experience on non-profit boards, both as director and as Treasurer. She has over 25 years of experience in Computers and data management, is a published editor and writer of technical instructions for data management and non-profit finances. Her goals are to increase the use of the Library’s resources, and expand the resources for audio and computer services, especially for those who cannot make good use of print media.

Dr. Consuelo Cabral-Marquez, Trustee |, Term through 2029

  • Consuelo Cabral-Marquez, a former teacher and university instructor, has resided in Bensenville for nearly 40 years. She currently occupies her time volunteering in non-profit organizations. Consuelo is an avid reader, who feels at home in the library. She is committed to the mission of making the library a “dynamic center for learning, discovering, and connecting.”

Michele Janovsky, Trustee |, Term through 2027

  • Michele Janovsky is a life-long resident of Wood Dale and presently resides in the area of Wood Dale served by the Bensenville Community Public Library. A Fenton graduate herself, Michele’s grown children also graduated from Fenton and continued on to earn their Bachelor degrees. A former Paraprofessional in Wood Dale School District 7, Michele now works in the paper and packaging industry. A dedicated patron of BCPL, Michele is eager to support the library that has provided much enjoyment to her.

Amy Labickas, Trustee |, Term through 2025

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