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The Bensenville Community Public Library welcomes homeschooling and eLearning families in the community and offers support through a variety of services, materials, and programs.


Whether you are new to homeschooling or simply looking for supplemental resources for your home curriculum, we’ve compiled a list of useful resources for your homeschooling needs. Please note that we do not accept submissions for inclusion into our online resources collections.


Looking for more educational resources? Visit our Keep Kids Learning: Free Online Resources page — a list of our favorite lessons, games, science experiments, storytimes, live demonstrations, virtual tours, and more!

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education empowers homeschooled children by educating the public and advocating for child-centered, evidence-based policy and practices for families and professionals. Search for information by state with an easy-to-use map and read about relevant homeschooling policies.

A good comprehensive site full homeschooling resources to help parents figure out where to start and all the options for homeschooling as well as explaining how to homeschool within the law.

For those who want to know that their kids are meeting state standards while still enjoying an individualized approach, this site offers a complete, integrated curriculum as well as online support and assessment tools.

Free online learning is available in a variety of subjects, including math, biology, chemistry, physics, finance, and history. There are short video clips on each subject as well as interactive exercises that allow students to practice their new skills.

On this homeschooling website, started as a free interactive way to teach young children to read using phonics, kids can play games, watch short videos on letters and sounds, and flip through “books” of stories.

Free, web-based homeschooling curriculum ideas that can be emailed directly to you six days a week.

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If your kids enjoy computer games, this is a good homeschooling resource. For a fee ($19.95/month for the first child in preschool-8th grade, $30/month for the first child in grades 9-12), access learning games to improve reading, math, science, and social studies skills.

Embarking on a new homeschooling adventure? Know the Illinois homeschool laws! Discover what you need to know about getting started, keeping accurate records, switching from homeschool to public school (and vice versa) and much more.

Looking for a way to teach your young children to read? On this homeschooling website, kids progress through a series of fun lessons on their road to reading and accumulate online rewards along the way

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a free online resource created by homeschooling parents for homeschooling parents. It contains full homeschool curriculum from a Christian worldview for grades K-12.

Free homeschool curriculum site for the Charlotte Mason style.

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Our Online Databases for Kids & Students (Library card required)

Full-text articles to support research in history and genealogy and lesson plans to support student learning.

Resources to support middle school students, including biographies, magazines, primary source documents, photos, maps, and flags.

Resources for students to understand issues, develop critical thinking skills, and develop persuasive arguments. Includes citizens’ rights, earth and environmental issues, global issues, health and medicine, and more.

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