Penny’s Picks: Part 2 | A Booklist For Kids & Teens

Miss Penny from the Youth Services Department has hand-picked a selection of her current favorite books — and there’s something for a range of ages!

  • All of the books featured here are books that we have in our collection. To see if an item is available to check out or place on hold, click the cover image or button to the right of the description.

Penny Recommends...

When We Were Magic

by Sarah Gailey

A great story about group of friends entering their senior year in high school. The focus is on all the changes and stresses that their relationships go through. It is a sweet, funny, scary and tense story about the power of friendships. 

AGES: Young adults

Hostile Territory

by Paul Greci

A devastating earthquake strands four teens in the Alaskan wilderness. The situation is complicated by the fact that there is no civilization to return to. Gripping story of adventure and survival. Paul Greci has lived in Alaska for 25 years and speaks from experience about the environment and wildlife of the region. A suspenseful, survival and self preservation story.

AGES: Young adults

Yes, No, Maybe So

by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

A young adult book about romance that includes political, ethical and cultural issues. The story is told in alternating chapters with references to national issues. The main characters are quirky but very relatable. The characters have different points of view, but are still connect through their common goal to change things that matter.

AGES: Young adults

Lovely War

by Julie Berry

A story of romance set in the days of World War l, where Greek Gods hold the fates of four mortals in their hands. The reader follows Hazel, James, Aubrey and Colette four every different people from different backgrounds as the find and lose love. Beautiful writing, thrilling battle scenes and the inclusion of Greek mythology. Unique premise , a fantastic read, more than just a romance an accurate historical fiction book that also deals with racial prejudice.

AGES: Young adults

Do I Have to Wear a Coat?

by Rachel Isadora

A sweet story that highlights all the adventures that kids enjoy as the seasons cycle through the year. The illustrations are beautifully done with watercolors. Highlights each season not just through outerwear, but through all the fun kids have in each particular season. A joyful story that would be a great tool to help teach the seasons.

AGES: Preschool – Kindergarten

No More Naps!

by Chris Grabenstein

A funny story centered around the age old question, “Will my child EVER take a nap?” Readers will love the amusing idea that naps are really just opportunities to be seized! Adults try to encourage sleepiness but Annalise will have nothing to do with their ideas. This book captures the toddlers emotional highs and lows of nap taking as well as how the parents feel.

AGES: Preschool

Fritzy Finds a Hat

by Scott Hamilton

A heart warming book that uses a gentle touch to talk about cancer. Fritzy’s mom is diagnosed with cancer and he begins a search to find her the perfect hat to wear to her treatments. The book teaches children a powerful message that love and support can sometimes be the best message. The illustrations are done by singer Brad Paisley who depicts Fritzy’s mom perfectly.

AGES: 8 to 12 years old

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