Standing for Justice and Equity

A statement from Library Director David Sieffert on behalf of the Bensenville Community Public Library:

Racism and inequity have longstanding and far-reaching roots in our country. From the first enslaved people brought against their will to Jamestown to the horrific and senseless death of George Floyd, we all have a responsibility to stand up and voice our opposition to the systemic racism that remains in our country.

The Bensenville Community Public Library stands with the American Library Association, the Illinois Library Association, and Black Caucus of the American Library Association in condemning violence and racism towards Black people and all People of Color. We hope the road ahead is not as long or as painful as the history we leave behind.

Libraries across this country believe in the ideology that we serve with open and equitable access for everyone. We will always remain a center for compassion, education, and information. However, to be successful in this fight, it will take a collective effort from all of us to ensure that there is justice and equity for everyone in our country.

Every journey begins with a simple step. Please take the time to read this worthy statement from the Urban Library Council or explore some of these available resources below.

Nonfiction books about anti-racism and race

Impactful fiction from black authors

Anti-racism, race, and black voices for teens

Starting conversations with kids: racism, diversity, activism, and social justice

Documentaries & films for adults

You can find all of the titles above available in either our collection via the online catalog, or through our digital resources, OverDrive and Axis360.

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